Cane Created Collections

Our latest collections are being released together because they have one theme in common....they were all created using the simple style polymer clay cane. All colors were created by us for a true one of a kind piece.

For the three dimensional style pieces I took the slices of the cane to create "petals". Each slice is rolled into a petal and painstakingly placed to create a specific design. In the "For the Love of Plants" pieces, I've used the petals to create 3D effect plants.

In the Original 3D design pieces the simple cane allows us to focus on the solid color to create the specific design. In some pieces you'll find our unique design twist, spiraling 1-3 colors into one piece. All of our 3D pieces require lots of time and patience. I love making them for their mediative effect.

 I've also taken the same simple cane and created our "flatware" pieces called "Candy Drops". Here the cane slice is used flat instead of the 3D petal design. We refer to them as candy drops because they put us in mind of the candy known as Good & Plenty!

Each piece listed in this collection is one of a kind and they will not be reproduced. This means you will be the owner of a piece that is exclusive to you and you only!