Wholesale Inquiries

BSpoken's jewelry is created exclusively by Diana and James using his detailed, organic polymer clay canes and her original, three dimensional technique. While the three dimensional style has been their signature, you will find they are very innovative and have continued to evolve their lines using not just the polymer clay canes, but surface techniques using alcohol inks, chalks and acrylics.

Below are the pieces BSpoken has built their name on. They are the ones most widely ordered that have become BSpoken best sellers, not only for their wholesalers, but at their many art shows. 

Please explore these designs in our catalog to get an idea of the variety they produce. If you find other lines you prefer, please reach out. Nothing is off the table for wholesale. Diana and James would also be happy to create a line exclusive to your shops, gallery or boutique.

The 3D pendant necklace above is BSpoken's signature design. The detailed cane was designed by James and Diana created the 3D design technique. These unique pendant necklaces come in either a circle, flower, or cross shape. They are produced in a wide variety of cane designs and colors.
The Tassel necklace is BSpoken's version of the trendy tassel, but with their special spin. The tassel is created using slices from their polymer clay cane and then coaxed into a "petal" shape.  These can come in a variety of cane designs and colors.
The Cane Disk earring is simply that, a slice of a BSpoken polymer clay cane. It is double sided and the back looks exactly like the front. Cane Disk earrings come in 2 sizes and are extremely lightweight.
BSpoken Mixed bead bracelets are made primarily from our ends of canes and leftovers. This is how they upcycle their no longer unusable scraps. They come in 3 styles:
Mixed Cane Bead--created from all of the leftovers from making our cane jewelry.
Hurricane Bead-- we use our bits and pieces of older polymer clay to create a swirled cane. The beads are flat, revealing the colorful hurricane design.
Tye-dye Bead-- this is the hurricane cane cut larger and sides carved to reveal the tye-dye look.
Please feel free to contact Diana and James at bspokendesigns@gmail.com to receive a line sheet or address any questions you may have about wholesale ordering.