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We just completed our second show of the year, Indiana Artisan Marketplace. We love doing that show as it is such as easy show to do. The load in and out is super simple and they do their best to be helpful. It was only our second year, but we have already made lots of new friends there.

So you're probably wondering what the title "Fish Eyes" has to do with this post, right??? Well, we're very excited to announce we are collaborating with Ken Roberts of Ken's Fish Market with our 3 year beads. His beautiful market of metal fish that he creates will soon have our beads as their eyeballs! How cool is that??? We'll post some photos of his creation with our 3 Year Beads as soon as we can. In the mean time, check him and his fish out on Facebook. Ken is an adjudicated member of Indiana Artisan and regularly attends Kentucky Crafted: The Market.

Life is about to get super busy! May will be our trifecta month....three shows in 3 weeks!  We hope you will be able to catch up with us somewhere along our travels.  The first weekend of May (6-8) we'll be at the Tennessee Spring Craft Fair in Centennial Park in Nashville. It's such a wonderful show and location.....and it's Mother's Day weekend! Yes, it's the most exciting weekend of the year in Kentucky as well, but we'll be showing our Derby spirit by taking our horseshoe necklaces with us!  The following weekend (May 13-14) we will be in Paducah, Kentucky at the Lowertown Arts and Music Festival and we'll finish up back near home at Francisco's Farm Art Festival at Midway College on May 21-22. Whew!











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