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I can't believe how quickly time passes! I guess that's a sign of being busy.....and that's a very good thing.

We have been moving almost at the pace of a sloth, however, getting our classes going.  We are happy though, to say that for the past two months or so we've picked up steam. This past weekend was a busy one with a trip to Harrodsburg for a Ladies' Night Out class and then we had one in Georgetown on Sunday.  We do not currently have any classes scheduled, but we will be scheduling a Polymer Clay Cane and Jewelry Workshop in July. 

We purposefully have not scheduled any other classes over the summer so that we can free up our schedule and can bring the classes to you! I have June and July off so that opens up the ability for me to do daytime and as well as evening events.

We have added a Classes and Workshops page to our Online Store menu. There you will find all the possibilities of the type of class we can bring to you. For now we are booking classes/events within a two hour radius of our home base, Georgetown, Ky.  All you need to do is provide the place/table space and add your preferred appetizers and drinks and we'll do the rest.

Our classes allow you to find your creative self, relax, reconnect with friends or make new ones....and walk away with handmade, wearable art that will compliment your own personal style.

We love doing art shows, but we love doing our classes even more. Working with your hands to create is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have. The process of creating is therapeutic to the soul. This brings to mind comments we get from people who visit our booth at art shows. When realizing the time we put into designing and creating our intricate pieces, many people make comments about it stressing "us" out. That makes me giggle every time I think about their comments! It's actually quite the opposite....what we do is relaxing and not at all stressful. The process of creating calms the soul, quiets the stress, and brings about a sense of accomplishment unlike what we all experience in our day to day routine.  Somehow we've as a whole gotten away from having the permission to be different and to be creative.

Thank goodness we are seeing an upward swing in activities to help us find our creative side. The new adult coloring book craze makes me happy!  It's good for you to pick up a coloring book and pencils and feel like a kid again. The canvas painting and beverage class, of which I've not participated in yet, sounds like a fabulous combination to me!

So.....if you feel like jumping in to the creative arena for your next event, whether it's for your friends or your children, we hope you'll think about scheduling one of our classes. Please feel free to contact us via our contact page here on our website if you have questions or are interested in scheduling a class.




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