Warning: BSpoken Bead Necklace Class Could Be Good For Your Health

Posted by James Rich on

Did you know that our Bead Necklace Make & Take Class can be good for your health? That may sound odd to you at first, but according to lots of research, taking time for yourself to explore your creativity can reduce stress and help ward off dementia related illnesses.

Just viewing art in a museum can lower your stress hormones, so actually participating in making art is even more significant to your body.

When engaged in art making, whether you consider yourself artistic or not, research has shown that creating or working with our hands enhances our mental health and makes us happy. Dr. Kelly Lambert (www.kellylambertlab.com) explored the relationship between our hand use, our current cultural habits, and our mood.  Working with our hands to create satisfies our primal need to make things. Apparently, we spend way too much time on our computers and phones.  We also tend to buy what we need instead of making it.  Making things promotes psychological well-being. It's the "process" of being creative that's vital to our happiness. It's not about being an amazing artist and perfecting your craft, it's about producing something with your hands and the satisfaction it brings to you.

Being creative and "in that moment" decreases not only stress, and anxiety, but also lessens depression. So whether you take our class or not, find something that maybe even takes you out of your comfort zone to learn something new with your hands.  You'll be healthier, happier and less stressed in either case!

And....if you so happened to be a little bit intrigued by our Make and Take Bead Necklace class on March 19th you can find all the details by going to our "catalog" and scroll to the bottom. We promise lots of fun, new friends and you'll take home a your wonderful new creation.  You may register and purchase right here on our website. Class is limited to 8; all supplies are covered in the $25 fee.

Hope to see you soon!


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