What a Production! (Our Updated Show Schedule)

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Tis the season for show season juries. We love show season (March-October)!  It's a lot like putting on a play (yes, I was a theatre major) as it's so much more than making canes and creating jewelry.  There are boxes and bags to order, jewelry findings to purchase, repairing and/or freshening up our booth and booth displays, not to mention updating our wholesale line sheets. After everything is ready, there's still the packing and the actual getting there. We're very fortunate when our families schedules match up and they caravan with us.  It's a constant build up until the show opens. It's so similar to what I experienced when putting on a theatre production.....building the set, making the costumes, promoting the event, and then show time!  The best part of our shows are meeting new people, making new friends and reconnecting with friends and collectors. Yes, we have collectors! In every city we've been, we meet so many who have bought from us several times over. It's just such an amazing time!

About 90% of the shows we do, we must jury into them. We prefer shows that require this process as it guarantees the quality of all artists. The jury process requires explaining your creative process with photos of your work and booth and a jury fee.  Usually there is a panel that reviews your work and information and decides if you make the cut.  Jewelry is a competitive medium, so getting into a show is a not always a guarantee. Each show wants to make sure they have a broad representation across all mediums. We usually apply to more shows than we'll attend as we want at least one show a month.

We do some "jury by check" shows (which means there's no jury process) if we feel it will have good attendance or we love the location and have some connection there.

We automatically are pre-juried into some shows because we are Kentucky Crafted adjudicated members. We are doing two shows like that.....one in Indiana and the other in Tennessee.

I thought I'd post what we know so far for the year. There are a few shows we won't know about until later this spring. We will update you as we find out.

BSpoken Designs 2016 Shows

April 9-10, Indiana Indiana Artisan Marketplace, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN (April 8 is for wholesale only)

May 6-8, Tennessee Craft Fair, Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

May 13-14, Lowertown Arts & Music Festival, Paducah, KY

May 21-22, Francisco's Farm Art Festival, Midway, KY

July 8-10, Berea Craft Festival, Berea, KY

We hope that if you are close to one of our shows that you'll come pay us a visit. We have so many new styles of jewelry we'd love for you to see.



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